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25 Reasons

17 Jan
15 Reasons to Use a Home Inspector It's understandable -- people aren't making as much off their homes as they'd like to these days, and as a result look to save money wherever they can when selling or buying a home. But both buyers and sellers can benefit greatly from the use of a home inspector. Often, home inspections provide knowledge which makes or breaks the selling or buying of a home. As a seller you don't want to put on the market a home with issues, and as a buyer you don't want to let your love of a house push you into making an u...

tile-roof CONCRETE ROOF  TILE INSPECTION During an inspection of concrete tile, you should look for the following  types of problems: installation, including: fastening; proper exposure; and flashing. broken, damaged and missing tiles; environmental problems, such as biological growth; manufacturing problems, such as spalling, voids and shrinkage cracks; and excessive weight.   WEIGHT The weight of concrete tiles may vary from 900 to 2,000 pounds per square,  depending on the type and manufacturer. When inspect...

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