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pool Even in Arizona, you may not use a swimming pool very much in the winter time.  But if you're considering adding a pool to your home, winter is the slow season for Arizona swimming pool companies and therefore, you may be able to negotiate a better price on a new pool.  Whether you add a pool to your existing home or buy a house that already has a pool, below is some information to consider about swimming pool maintenance. Maintaining a swimming pool takes time and money.  Pools consist of many systems; the structure itself, as well as el...

AC-Unit Summer temperatures can be brutal. If you live in the south, the humidity is the worst part, sending the heat index well into the 100′s in some places. Many people say that the problem isn't the heat, but in fact it’s the humidity. For some reason, dry heat doesn't affect people as much as humidity does. AIR CONDITIONING PROCESS Fortunately, your new homes air conditioner simply removes the condensation from the air, in turn, releasing cold and dry air to cool you new homes. But , where does this condensation go after it is removed from...

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