Your New Home, Air Conditioning and Humidity

Summer temperatures can be brutal. If you live in the south, the humidity is the worst part, sending the heat index well into the 100′s in some places. Many people say that the problem isn’t the heat, but in fact it’s the humidity. For some reason, dry heat doesn’t affect people as much as humidity does.

Fortunately, your new homes air conditioner simply removes the condensation from the air, in turn, releasing cold and dry air to cool you new homes. But , where does this condensation go after it is removed from the air? There is an evaporation coil that is cold and reacts with the moisture in the air, causing the condensation to drip into a catch pan. This process is much like our drinking glass when it is full of a cold liquid outside in the heat. In this case, the condensation collects on the outside of the glass, much like it does the coil, then drips down into the condensation pan. From the condensation pan, it is removed through the condensate line to the outside of the home.

When the condensate line is clogged, it will not remove the water in the condensation pan. When the condensation pan does not drain, it either over flows, causing leaks or ceiling collapse or the entire unit shuts itself off. When there is a problem, first check the condensation pan. If it is not cracked or overflowing, then check the condensate line outside. There may be a clog in the condensate line.

When the condensation pan is leaking:

  • Apply epoxy pan sealant (or)
  • Replace the condensation pan

When the condensate line is clogged:

  • Find the PVC pipe leading outside the home
  • With an attachment, hook a wet/dry vac or manual pump to outside pipe
  • Pump or vacuum for at least 3 minutes
  • You should have discarded algae buildup from the condensate line in your vacuum


  • Before each summer season, check your New Homes Air Conditioning system:
  • Check and replace filters (ideally every 1-2 months)
  • Clear debris/dead leaves/landscaping from around condenser
  • CAREFULLY clean condenser fins with vacuum or special comb
  • Make sure condenser is level

Taking good care of you New Homes Air Conditioning system will ensure that your air conditioning is running efficiently while adequately cooling your home. This is the best way to beat the summer heat and humidity. It is possible that small problems can occur, but knowing how to easily fix these at home will save you time, trouble and money.

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